Current Interests

When he was a boy, John played Football in the street, Conkers in the chestnut season, Marbles in the dust at school, and a host of other children's games. At the Grammar School, John played Rugby until he became to light to be competitive. At this point he switched to Hockey, and eventually played for the School's first team. He was hopeless at Cricket, and was not encouraged by the School. He eventually joined the Early Bus Team, who played with a tennis ball. Each person was guaranteed two overs to bowl. It was great fun.

After he left school and college, John played Club Hockey and took up Golf. He sailed a single handed dinghy in Plymouth and captained the Plymouth Hockey Club's Wayfarer side. When he returned to London in 1974, John gave up playing hockey and concentrated on Golf.

John started skiing when he was about 20, but then stopped skiing when he went to Australia in 1968. Australia has skiing resorts, but John had no time for skiing holidays when he was in Australia. He restarted skiing in his forties, and generally goes for a week to the Alps.

John believes in the importance of keeping fit and resilient. He tries to do at least 20 minutes of Aerobic exercise a day. Twice a week he does resistance exercises to maintain his strength for skiing and golf.

John's other interests are in current affairs, science, computers, music and reading. He goes hill walking twice a year in the Lake District and Scotland with a group of friends.